Fudge S’mores Brownies

Fudge Brownie Batter

(Repeat of Mommy’s Fudge Brownie Recipe)
First soften 1 cup of butter, cream together 2 cups of sugar ( or 1 & 3/4C. Maple syrup).  Once creamed, add 3/4 Cup Cocoa, 1 Tbl Vanilla (we add almond extract as well but is optional- 1/2 Tbl).  Mix.  Stir in 1 cup flour,  1/2 tsp salt, &  1/2 tsp baking powder!

Mix up (I use a fork to keep it stirred but not beaten, the recipe will work but you will get cake-y brownies not heavy fudge like brownies.  When all the ingredients are mixed add in your 4 eggs.  Stir until the egg is mixed into the batter.  Grease and pour into a 9X13 pan.  Bake at 350.

*Feel free to add things you desire.  This is my go to- brownie mix recipe (dry ingredients in a jar by the batch).  However, we add different things to change it up at times.  The kids love to sprinkle in walnuts, chocolate chips, the tiny circle nutter butters from the checkout isles in Walmart or mini marshmallows when they make these brownies.  Plain is delicious though.  If you are really wanting a sweet treat there is a frosting recipe I have for it as well that goes great!

Or make into S’mores Brownies!

If you have already baked your brownies and they are warm it is simple.  Just sprinkle your chocolate pieces and mini marshmallows all over the top of the pan.  If brownies were already cooled, simply broil a few seconds before adding broken graham crackers and another layer of chocolate & mini mallows.  Either way we toss it back into the over for a quick broil.  It toasts them fast- so watch closely or it WILL burn!

If you have not baked your brownies, feel free to add chocolate chunks into the brownie mix along with graham cracker bits and mini marshmallows.  Top the same way.  These brownies are simply delicious.  However, just like any recipe you can spruce it up to your liking or for variety.  This brownie recipe is a mix and I simply add wet ingredients and variations along the way.  Sure we use other recipes now and then, but this is a go-to favorite that I prepack in once vacuum sealed, but now I seal them in quart jars with this handy attachment I now use.  This makes things so easy when company comes.

Check out other variations below we have tried once your mix is in the cake pan:

~Peanuts and mini mallows in the mix before going to the oven~

~Mini chocolate chips into batter~

~Butterscotch chips into batter- can combine with chocolate chips too~

~Walnuts into mixture~

~Mini Reese’s cups quartered into the mix~

~Hot pepper jelly in the mix- to do this pour half of your mix, a few dollops of hot pepper jelly to spread as best as possible, then bake~

~Ande’s Mints sunk down into the batter OR set on top at the very end of baking~

~M&M’s folded in to batter~

~Peppermint candy cane bits sprinkled across the top~

~Nutter Butter Cookies in batter mix~

~Girl Scout Thin Mints in batter~

~Girl Scout Peanut Butter Cookies in batter mix~

~Caramel swirled into batter mix & toss in walnuts if you like~

Check out other variations below we have tried once you bake your brownies:

~Rolo’s & Walnuts sprinkles on top~

~Trail mix *this is a favorite* place your favorite trail mix, we do the m&m peanut kind from walmart with mini marshmallows & pretzels.  Then drizzle with melted chocolate over the top. ~

~Peanut Butter Frosting & Reese’s pieces sprinkled on top~

~Fudge frosting alone OR with favorite garnish~

~Cream cheese frosting alone OR with your favorite fruit~

~Brownies with light dusting of sifted powdered sugar & slivered almonds, with light drizzle of caramel~

~Brownies with light dusting of sifted powdered sugar~

~Pistachio frosting with pistachio bits and drizzled chocolates on top~

~Chocolate, mint layered frostings~

Come up with your own variations.  When you do, please comment below.  Feel free to share a picture.  If you have a post with your recipe, you are welcome to include that in your comments.  SPAM will be deleted in respect to my readers.  Thanks for sharing, I’d love to see what you & your kids come up with!


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