DIY Layer Chicken Feed Recipe for Hens

Depending on where you live, feed can be a vital factor in raising chickens.  Today chicken feed is becoming more available each day.  Within the last year or two we actually have been given choices as to where and what to purchase for our layer feed.  Prior to the last few years, there was only one type of feed available.  A farm could order online OR make a monthly haul and drive over 150 miles to the nearest feed mill/ feed store.  With conveniences and more options we have looked into what we really wanted to feed our feathery friends.  Depending on the purpose and a farmers preference, there are still a lot of combinations for layer feed.  With taking all factors into account we found this great recipe base.
feb 2 2017 1441

A general Layer Chicken Feed Recipe:

4 scoops corn

6 scoops

2 scoops lentils

2 scoops wheat bran

2 scoops barley

2 scoops green split peas

2 scoops sesame seed

2 scoops quinoa

4 scoops sunflowers

1 scoop crushed nuts

2 scoops of wheat bran

2 scoops of oat grouts

12 scoops of wheat (half white, half red)

1 scoop of diatomaceous earth

We have also used a mixture of layer feed and grains, here is what our layer feed mix contains:

Layer feed




During the winter we offer a “scratch” broiler type mix to fatten the hens a bit, along with sprouted oats and sunflower seeds (make a fodder).  This allows 1lb of dry feed to make about 1.5- 1.75 lbs. of fodder feed AND the chickens love the fresh greens.

You can click HERE for my post on fodder that we sprout for our rabbits, chickens, ducks and goats.



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