Stand tall or stand alone, which will you choose?

As we strolled down the hill through the field and round the bend of maples, we spotted a beautiful tree budding with yellow buds.  With the heavenly scent flourishing, we continued into the heart of the woods.


More trees were just starting to bud all through the thick woods; young short trees thickened the forest floor.  The sweet aroma in the cool crisp air lingered on as we walked.  Giant maples were filled with nests of owl, hawks, falcons and squirrel.

photo by-

Our favorite is the eagle, but we have not seen a mature white pine anywhere near this area.  (Their favorite place to nest)  As we trampled on through the woods as quietly with 5 youngsters, a wagon and a dog as one can, we managed to see some birds and a lot of deer.

Nearly a mile in we spot a huge tree.  “A WHITE PINE MOM!” shouted my oldest.  As we ventured closer and closer, we reaffirmed it as a “white pine”.  At the very top was a large eagles nest.  Our favorite, EAGLES!

Combing over the area with our eyes, we also noticed it was the only one!

Fields, trees, then more trees.  It was truly the only one.  As we voyaged through the entire woods soaking up its beauty, I could not help but notice all the children searching and seeking to find another white pine!

As we strolled back to our destination the talk was of that magnificent find and our lack of finding another.  It was so mature and stood out within the deep woods and forest.

Thinking of that concept, how things that are few and far between are so much more “captivating”.  They capture our thoughts, minds and focus.  This was about a tree, but oh how this applies to so many areas of our lives.  What are we willing to take a stand for or against?  What examples do we teach our children?  Do we love them so much as to plant deep roots love and sincerity so that they are not only willing, but able to stand alone for a cause?

We can teach our children to have personal beliefs for themselves and exercise their rights and freedoms appropriately, it is a portion of what makes this country so great!

Be not afraid to stand alone; it may lead us out of our comfort zone, but it also might captivate our (and others) hearts, minds, thoughts and so much more!

One extra large white pine tree from our creator can teach us to:

“Stand tall even if alone or be another tree in the woods!”


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