Dilly Cucumbers

Dilly Cucumbers

In a large salad bowl dissolve sugar in white vinegar.


Add cucumbers, onions, and a few sprigs of fresh dill weed.

Variation:  Add 1 Cup of miracle whip for a creamy, delicious dressing.

Eat those veggies!

Dilly Cucumbers Recipe:

3/4 Cup White Vinegar

1 Tbl Sugar

1 1/2 tsp dried dill weed

2 Large onions sliced into rings

6-8 medium to large cucumbers

Variation:  Add 1 Cup of miracle whip for a cream dressing.




Spring is here and right around the corner is planting season, are you ready to garden? With 40+ companies that sell supplies…


POST includes 40+ Seed Companies for ALL your gardening needs!


We love to plant our own crops each year.  The kids really look forward to it.  What’s not to love?  Fresh snap peas, green beans raw or fried with bacon and red potatoes for dinner.  Perhaps you are more interested in the fresh asparagus that appears right away, or more for the sun ripened tomatoes and full stocks of sweet corn.


Anticipation bubbles just writing this.  We love the fresh rhubarb and blackberry jam the best!  If I could only can a few things it would be rhubarb jam and tomatoes!  Eek!  It is coming so soon, yay!


Well what are you planting?  Are you starting indoors or do you purchase from your local green house?  We have done both methods.  With our addition of milking several goats on the homestead, we have cut back and only transplant some things and have found a great greenhouse locally that is reasonable and high quality.  We love them and are SO THANKFUL for their prices, expertise and will gladly support it!

Garden planning is essential.  It is hard to be successful without a plan.  Here is a short composite list of garden suppliers… I do not have affiliate links with them.  I just want to supply my readers with good resources they can look at.  Several of these will mail you a catalog FREE!  Even if you do not intend to purchase their seeds or plants, it is a huge HELP to see what varieties are available in your area.  If you have a green house like ours also, they get a discount and will start any variety upon request, HERE, check these out!

Seed Catalog Companies

Here are 40 companies, I will update as we grow here…

  1. Alberta Nurseries & Seeds Ltd.  This company specializes in garden seeds for short growing seasons.
  2. Allen, Sterling & Lothrop specializes in adaptable seeds for northern New England area.
  3. Annie’s Heirloom Seeds sells a wide variety of open pollinated heirlooms seeds as well.  They also have a special link for a seed bank and bulk seed orders.
  4. Baker Creek seeds is know for being one of the largest in the world, with over 350 pages in their catalog.
  5. Banana Tree
  6. Bluestone Perennials offers a wide selection of grasses, coverings, perennials, mums, shrubs, etc.  This family owned business is out of Madison, OH.
  7. Brent and Becky’s bulb seed catalog.
  8. Burpee Seed With a variety of herbs, vegetable, and flower seeds there is something for everyone at Burpee.  Among others things they sell fruit plants and all kinds of gardening supplies, check them out.
  9. Comstock, Ferre & Co.
  10. Digger’s a mail order (specialty for Australia)
  11. Eden Organic Nursery
  12. Eden Seeds
  13. Fedco a grower co-op.
  14. Gardenimport
  15. Good Seed Co.
  16. Green Patch Organic Seeds sells nonhybrid seeds in Australia
  17. Gurney’s Seed Company Out of Greendale, IN, check often for coupons online
  18. Henry Field ‘s Seed and Nursery catalog has seeds, plants, shrubs, patio plants, and so many beautiful varieties.  They also have exclusives for their online shoppers.
  19. Heirloom Seeds offers vegetable and herb seeds all types  Along with seeds are insect control products, supplies and bucks.
  20. High Altitude Gardens
  21. High Mowing Organic Seeds offers their customers 100% organic seeds.
  22. Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  23. Rawlinson Garden Seed is out of Canada and specializes in short season vegetables and herbs.  (untreated)
  24. Sustainable Seed Company has huge selection of organic seeds with beautiful photos of the yield from their seeds.
  25. ParkSeed offers seeds and plants as well.
  26. Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
  27. Pheonix Seeds
  28. Pinetree Garden Seeds
  29. Seedman (Jim Johnson) sells seeds from around the world.
  30. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers tons of varieties.  They offer veg., flowers, herbs, seed-saving supplies along with growing supplies.
  31. Stokes Seeds
  32. Territorial Seed Co
  33. Talavaya Seeds is a non profit
  34. Turtle Tree Seeds
  35. Twilley Seed Co. supplies bulk seeds
  36. Underwood Gardens
  37. Vermont Bean Seed Co.
  38. Vesey’s Seeds
  39. Victory Seed Company
  40. Willhite Seed Company